Tuesday 24 November 2015 (11:30am – 1:00pm)


The ‘Stitch in Time’ project delivered its third reminiscent event on the theme of General Town on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at Brierfield People’s Centre. The purpose of the event was to bring together Asian heritage elders that settled in Nelson, Brierfield and Colne areas of Pendle. The event was opened by Mr Sarfraz who gave an introduction to the project.

Round Table Discussions

The event was attended by 19 local Asian heritage elders and was supported by 3 volunteers.

Each person on the table was asked to share their early memories of Pendle. Volunteers were at hand to take notes and agree with Asian elders when they would be available for a member of the team to record their story.


The volunteers were able to identify a number of Asian elders that will be recorded by the project. All the relevant individuals will be contacted to attend recording sessions at Brierfield People’s Centre.

This event was very successful with so much information shared between individuals. It was noted that many of the Asian elders spoke about how busy Nelson Town Centre was and how it was such a vibrant town in the early days of their arrival.

Pictures of the Event

The pictures of the event below show attendees listening to introductions and some of the discussions round the tables

A picture of the event?